Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6th... Remembering Seal Team 6

I went to bed last night wondering what I was going to write about today. I had several ideas and a couple of them really stood out. Then I woke up this morning and realized what day it was, and all those ideas went out the window. Today is August 6th. Two years ago today 31 American Heroes were killed on a helicopter in Afghanistan. I have written about this before, and talked about it frequently, but will probably always continue to do so.  Here is the link to the blog I wrote on this day one year ago.

I had a bit of a debate with myself, about what exactly I was going to include in this post today. Part of me thought that I should only talk about what happened, and leave it at that. However, another part of me knows about all the controversy surrounding this tragedy, and what is currently being done in regards to it. I am still unsure if today is the right day to discuss it, but it is for them and their families that this has been in the news again lately, and I think that makes it important to share.

Seal Team 6 is credited with taking Osama Bin Laden out. The fact that we know this is at the center of a current court case. According to Operational Security, this information never should have been released to the public, and yet members of the Obama administration did just that. The Vice President gave a public address and shared this information. That never should have happened, and a few months later many members of that elite seal team were dead. Families of the fallen say that it is because of this leak in information that their family members lost their lives. They believe it was done in retaliation, and it would be hard not to think that.

In addition to this information being leaked, there is also question about the 7 Afghan men on board, the equipment being used, and the order to not fire back. You can read more about this here and watch the press conference here.  You can also watch the highlights here.

There is also this interview with the father of one of the fallen. You might not agree with of even like Michael Savage, but the dad says some very interesting things. As if that wasn't already enough to raise questions and concern, then you add to it the fact that they were cremated without the families permission. More info on that can be found here.

I sincerely hope that the families get the answers they are searching for, however I strongly feel that will never be the case. There will always be questions and controversies surrounding this.

With all of that being said the most important thing today is to stop and remember these heroes and the lives they gave defending our country. These were remarkable young men, and they left so many behind. RIP men... you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.

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  1. Makes you wonder,doesn't it? We know about 9/11 and Pat Tillman....so why not Seal Team 6? Nice post.