Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday: What's Happening In Our World

1. I have been loving thrift stores lately. I have gotten Ashley and myself some great clothes, and also found a few things for around the house. I have been going so frequently that I am leaning what days different stores do different deals, and what day they put new stuff out. We have really gotten some amazing deals, and it has been a lot of fun.

2. I want to go camping! I have wanted to go all summer, but with everything going on with my health I haven't gone. Still hoping to go before winter though. Last week the weather was perfect for it, but this week it is hot again, so maybe in a few weeks.

3. I agreed to help lead the Daisy troop. We have training tomorrow. I have a leader that will be helping me, and we have a couple ladies who are considering being assistants. Ashley is very excited about it, so I am sure it will be a fun experience.
4. I am working on getting my apartment decorated. I don't have much money to spend at all so I have gotten some things at the thrift stores, some things on clearance, and made some things of my own. It is nice to be able to decorate however I want to. Ashley gives some input (which is why we have a cute owl doormat) but ultimately it is up to me. This is the first time that has been the case so it is kind of fun. Of course that might mean my apartment slowly transforms to look like the inside of a barn or farmhouse. ;-)

5. Ashley is still loving school. It's so nice seeing her so excited about it. Twice this week she got bitten by a big on the playground and because of her severe reactions had to take benadryl. Other than that she has loved all of it. They are working on letter sounds right now, and making small books for each letter. She is super excited about learning to read so we have been working on this a lot in the evenings.

Well now that you have heard what's going on with us, leave me a comment and let me know what's going on with you. Then head on over to the blog hop and check out some great blogs. 

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