Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

I sat down planning to tell you about all the amazing thrifty finds I have found this week. Between the consignment sale, Deals, The Dollar store, and thrift stores we have done very well. We got clothes for the girls, and I got a couple things for the house as well. However, when I sat down to talk about the greatest savings this week I realized it wasn't from any of those stores. The greatest savings this week was from our trip to the library.

Ashley and I went to the library yesterday afternoon and left with 28 books. All for FREE! Well actually we did pay $2.00 for a cloth bag because they were all out of regular ones, and there was no way I could carry all that without a bag.

We had placed many items on hold so when we got there they were all ready for us, and then we picked out a few more as well. Their hold system really is great. I went through my "want to read" section on goodreads (which is a great site to check out) and searched for them in the library system, placed holds on them, and they were sent to my branch and ready for me to pick up. In addition to the books for me I also placed holds on several about starting Kindergarten, which was super helpful because most of those are already checked out the week before school starts. In addition to regular books we got some books with read along CDs, and in the past have gotten some movies as well. Can you imagine what purchasing all of that would have cost? They are also starting to get many electronic versions of books as well, so soon I will be able to keep my Kindle filled up for free as well.

Ashley and I both thoroughly enjoy the library and have decided we will start going one evening a week throughout the school year. I love that she loves reading as much as I do, and I am grateful for our wonderful library system that provides us with such great selections without having to spend a dime.

Now that you have read about my love for the library, leave me a comment letting me know how you use your library, or your thrifty way of obtaining books.Then don't forget to check out some of the other blogs on Thursday Favorites.
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  1. I need to visit my local branch more.....but I get my best book deals at Dollar Tree,lot of recent releases and even the older books are worth checking out.
    And of course the local yard sales as well.....

  2. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo