Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet the Musicians

It's Monday again, and as previously discussed Monday is the hardest day for me to decide on a topic. This week I wanted to talk about something happy. Move away from all the serious posts that have been happening around here lately. When I stopped to think about what has made me happy lately music was definitely towards the top of the list. Music has always been a way for me to go to my happy place, or used as a tool to calm me or motivate me, whatever is needed at the time. Music is one of those things that is there for you whenever you need it, and no matter your mood.

In addition to listening to some great music lately I have also gotten the chance to talk with some amazing musicians, and am blessed to call some of them friends. Today I want to take a few minutes to share some of these amazing and talented people with you.

Lets start with Josh Charles who I was recently introduced to. We actually began talking as we were both "talking" with D.J. Buck Stevens on twitter. Little did I know, but he is an amazing country artist who happens to be from the same area as me. It also just so happens he recently opened for Blake Shelton, who is one of my favorite artists. He has some great songs out, and seems to be a wonderful person. I am glad that we were able to connect, and hopefully soon I will be at one of his shows. You can hear more at his website.

Next I want to introduce you to the wonderful Joe Bachman. I was introduced to Joe  through a wonderful lady, Jen, who works with the Bands For Arms group. (If you haven't checked out Bands For Arms please do!) Joe is also a country artist and does a great deal of military support and is especially trying to bring more awareness to PTSD. He is a wonderful person, and I feel blessed to know him. I highly recommend checking him out. You can find more on his website or listen to some of his songs on youtube. His song Soldier's Memoir always brings a tear to my eyes, and is great song that focus on what it's like to struggle with PTSD.

As if Jen hadn't already done enough she also introduce me to Rob Michaels. Rob is another up and coming musician, and another all around good guy. He too does a lot to support the military and Bands for Arms. He is currently trying to collect pledges to finish his CD and get his career moving in the right direction. Please go here to listen to some of his music, and make some pledges.

Lastly I have to mention my good friend Warren Stone. You may have heard him on the last season of The Voice. I have had the privilege of getting to know Warren over the last several months. It has been a pleasure to talk with him, interview him, and just help spread the word about his phenomenal musical talent. Warren is an amazing person and just an all around down to earth good guy. The first time I heard Warren sing was on his audition for The Voice. As I sat in my living room watching tears instantly came to my eyes. I can't really describe it, but there was an instant connection. He seemed to completely connect with the song, and as an audience member that made me connect to it as well.  I sent him a quick tweet letting him know how great it was, and that's where it all started. Since then we have become great friends, and supporters of each other. I truly want to see all of this work out for him. He really deserves it, and has the voice and attitude to make it happen. You can follow Warren on Facebook.

There are definitely other wonderful artists out there that I love and support, but I am blessed to have gotten to know these 4 (and the amazing Jen) and now I want to pass that blessing along to you. These guys are out there trying to make something happen, and they aren't forgetting anyone along the way. Please take a minute to check them out. If you enjoy them spread the word. Look into some of the causes they support, and don't forget to check out Bands For Arms, it is a great organization that does so much to support our military.

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  1. What a great group of musicians. I can't say that I know any and I am certainly jealous. I wanted to pop over and say Hi and thank you for your sweet post. Let me know how your living room turns out, or I think I'll just follow and keep in touch. Have a great week. Rhonda

    1. Thanks hun! Following you too. These really are a great group of people and I am blessed to have them in my life. Hope you take a minute to go check them out.