Sunday, June 29, 2014

Old Friend

I saw an old friend today, it had been way too long. Someone I thought about often and had missed so much. It brought back all the memories, and thoughts of the past. The memories brought smiles and reminded me of the good times and all the laughs we'd shared. It seems so long ago now.

Running into an old friend is always a bit odd. You were so close at one time, but times gone on and things have changed. Now you are stuck somewhere between friends and simply acquaintances. You strive to find that connection again. You want it to be like old times and yet it always starts out awkward. Never quite knowing what to say, or where to start. Trying to determine if this is the rekindling of a friendship or if we will once again go out own ways.

As the time passed the memories continued to flood my mind. The walls started coming down and the awkwardness began to fade. It was becoming more comfortable, and I was realizing this person truly had been missing from my life. There had been good times, and also bad times since they left, but the worst was the loneliness. The feeling of something or someone missing. The times I might have looked like I was fine, but I was really just going through the motions. The times I desperately wanted someone to notice that everything wasn't okay, but no one could see through the act.

This was my chance. I couldn't let them get away again. I needed to grab hold and reel them back in. I needed them back in my life. It hasn't been the same, and I desperately wanted it back. 

Upon that realization, all my fears were gone. The awkwardness faded, and the comfortableness returned. And at that exact moment, I slowly looked up, and as a smile crossed my face I glanced in the mirror and welcomed myself back.

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