Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday: A Look Inside

For the first time this week I am sitting down in the morning to write my blog. It is the way I prefer to do it, but life has been so hectic that if I have had time to blog at all it hasn't been until late afternoon or evening. For me writing in the morning is more relaxing and helps me start the day out on a positive note. So without further ado here is what's happening in our life this week.


Back to School

I have already discussed the first day of school. (If you missed that you can find it here) However, going back to school has meant a lot more than just the excitement of the first day. Ashley has had a great start to the year and for that I am extremely grateful. With the start of the school year also comes changes in schedule. Over the summer it is common for us to stay up later, hit the pool after dinner, or head to the drive in. Now when she gets home we go over her stuff from the day, have dinner, have time for one activity, then it's time for showers, reading, and bed. So while the change is always an adjustment having a more consistent schedule can definitely be nice.


Girl Scouts


Ashley has been excited to join girl scouts since last year when Stormie joined. This year she finally gets that chance and will be a Daisy. I told them I was willing to help the group, which quickly turned into them asking if I would be the head leader, and they would find someone to assist me. I am a bit torn on this because while I think it would be awesome, I also don't want to over do it as I am easing back into regular life, since my wreck. They only meet twice a month though so it does seem manageable. I told them to give me a couple days to think about it, because I don't want to make any rash decisions, but at this point I am leaning towards doing it. I think it will make me feel a bit better about going back to work, because while I won't be able to do much volunteering in her class I can still do this in the evenings.  Plus I had an awesome experience in Girl Scouts as a child and I would love to pass that on to a new group.


Leaving it all on the table

There are blogs I post that are similar to these and are overviews of my week, or random things I have going on. While those are still fun and mention very important things they aren't emotionally draining. On the other hand there are some things I write where I feel like I leave absolutely everything on the table, and walk away completely drained. That's the way I feel about the blog I wrote on Sunday. (You can find it here.) When I started writing unsent letters I had no idea I would end up putting it out. I wrote it because Larry and I had been talking about it one evening and he suggested that I need closure over the situation, instead of being left with a giant question mark. I sat down to write it and just wanted to get my thoughts out there. I didn't know if anyone would read it. I was unsure if I would send it to the person who needed to read it most of all. However, as I began writing it became clear to me that I definitely wouldn't be sharing it with that person, as there really wasn't anything he could offer me to remedy the situation, but I also realized that this isn't something only I feel. This is something people can relate to. This is something others have experienced in their lives. So as the words began to pour onto the paper, and I do mean pour, as when I was finished I was shocked at how long it was, I put every ounce of my thoughts on the matter, and every piece of my soul into it. It was a weird sensation because I just laid it all out there, and when I went back to read it I even surprised myself. There was no other way to write it. It perfectly encompassed how I was feeling, and it needed to be shared. When I finished writing I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. I felt like something I had been holding onto for so long could finally disappear, but with that
came exhaustion. I shared something very personal to me. I shared something I hoped others could understand and relate to, but knew it was okay if they didn't. I shared something I was terrified of others criticizing because it was so honest and pure if they criticized it they would criticize me, and even though all those thoughts were true I shared something I needed to share. Then I had to step away. I had to focus on other things for a couple days. I had to let all those thoughts rest. There was nothing left for me to say, nothing for me to write. I had given that one post everything I had, and with that I stepped away. I didn't write anything for a few days. I did post something I had written previously, but that was all. I gave myself a couple days to recharge, and find peace with all of it. It's out there now, everything that needed said has been said and with that I can let it go.



As I stepped away from writing for a few days I needed something else to focus on. I have been looking for something to put on the wall above my couch and after finding inspiration from this and this on Pinterest I decided to create my own piece. Canvases were on sale this week so I headed to the store and bought four of them. Ashley helped me tea stain them one evening, which ended up taking about 10 coats to get them the color I wanted. After that I painted the tree. The next morning I added some leaves. I have since placed the buttons were I would like them to be, but I need to put Mod Podge over the entire thing before I glue the buttons down. It is in no way perfect. There are parts of it I would change if I could, but it is something I created and something Ashley and I enjoyed together, and for that reason alone it is great. I plan to finish it up this evening, and hopefully it will be hanging on the wall by the time Ashley gets home tomorrow.


The Cubicle Next Door

Reading is something I love to do. It is usually my go to relaxation method. However, since my car accident, and concussion that is something that was taken from me. Just recently I have started being able to read in short doses. I have to wear my polarized sunglasses to keep the glare down, and I do better on my computer or kindle than on an actual book. The Cubicle Next Door is a book I finished this week. The main character is a blogger who is attempting to stay anonymous. I loved this book! I think I would have enjoyed it even if I wasn't a blogger, but as a blogger there were so many thoughts and feelings I could relate to. So if you haven't had a chance yet I highly recommend checking this book out. I think you would all enjoy it.

So there you have it, those are the five things on my mind today. Please take a minute to leave me a comment and let me know what's on your mind this week, and while you're at it go ahead and subscribe so you don't miss out on any future posts. Then head on over to the Five on Friday Blog hop and check out some of the great blogs there, you won't be disappointed!


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