Monday, August 6, 2012

Remembering the Heroes

Throughout the year there are many anniversaries I remember, some are happy occasions,  and some aren't so happy. Some bring tears, and can never really be understood. Today is one of those days. Today is the one year anniversary of the helicopter going down in Afghanistan. A year ago today 31 American Heroes were taken from us, along with 7 Afghan Commandos. I was friends with the younger brother of one of the men who lost their life that day. He left behind an amazing family. All of these men left behind people who love them, and people who's lives will never again be the same. They made the ultimate sacrifice, doing something they believed in.

If you want to help I encourage you to look into the 31 Heroes organization. 31 Heroes is an amazing organization that was created to support the families of those lost on this horrible day.  I have attended some of their events and it is amazing. Watch their video  to find out how it started and ways you can help.

I also encourage you to check out the Navy Seals Foundation

On August 2, 2012 this poem was read during a session of the House of Representatives. The poem was written specifically for this horrible event, and has been entered into the Congressional Record.

We Stood!
WE STOOD, so you can sleep!
While, out across our Nation our Mothers now so weep!
WE FOUGHT, so you can live!
All in such blessed peace--that which our most selfless sacrifice so gives!
As all in such pain and heartache our families must now so live!
WE STOOD, so you could sleep!
Upon that Bed of Freedom so very sweet!
As to all of you, our promises WE Did So Keep!
As it was all for you, our bodies Now So Sleep!
So Sleep, all in such cold dark quiet graves so very deep!
All of Our Most Precious Lives!
While, all of our Brothers In Arms did so weep ..... and not ask why!
As WE so raised our hands so way up high!
And so swore to pledge our most precious lives!
To Make A Stand!
To Make A Difference With It All!
As WE so gave That Last Full Measure While Standing Tall!
As WE died and bled!
To so keep all of our most solemn vows of honor, said!
As why out across our Nation Our FAMILIES Now So Weep!
All But For The Greater Good, WE so gave all we could!
As WE pray now to our Lord their fine souls to so keep!
For THEY So Stood For What Was Right!
All with their most brilliant souls so burning bright!
As THEY died, all for that Old Red White and Blue this sight!
As into that face of evil, THEY so marched off casting their most heroic lights!
To so go forth, all in such a most brilliant force to fight!
Was but THEIR most sacred battle cry ..... call!
Because, moments ..... are all that WE so have!
To Make A Difference!
To Hear That Call!
To Change The World!
To go off so boldly with flags unfurled!
Troops mount up, as Heaven calls!
Move on! Move out!
As there are 30 more new Angels, In The Army of Our Lord .....
To fight that battle, who shall not pause!
To so watch over us all!
And then there comes a gentle rain, their tears will wash down upon us so to remain!
To ease our pain, so we won't have to cry anymore!
As forever in our hearts YOUR most sacred names,
WE will carry ALL!
Because, YOU died so WE can sleep!
Upon, That Bed of Freedom ..... YOUR Gift of Peace!
As now WE LAY YOUR FINE BODIES down to rest, to sleep!

by Albert Carey Caswell

So today I ask you to take a minute and look at the faces pictures below. Remember what they gave up for us. Think of their spouses, their children, their parents, grandparents, and siblings. Think of the amazing sacrifice they gave, and give thanks that there are people out there like them. 

RIP to these amazing heroes who gave their lives

As always my heart goes out to the Mason family today as well as all the others who were affected by this horrible event. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten! 

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