Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Working Wednesday

On Wednesdays I like to post about things I am currently working on. However, this week what I am working on is the same as what I was looking on last week. So instead of showing you my currenty projects again I am going to show you some past projects I am proud of.

First is the ribbon board I made for Ashley's playroom. I covered a bulletin board with batting, fabric, and ribbons. It works great to hold pictures, cards from  Ashley's godmother, and anything else we want to display.

In addition to the ribbon board Ashley and I painted her name to go over her dresser in her room. We did this by sponge painting wooden letters, and after the painted dried stencils with other colors on top.

Lastly, I used scrapbook paper and Mod Podge to decroate some letters that I hung in Ashley's playroom.

So those are three of the projects I did for Miss Ashley. I love them because they are all personal for just her, and some she was even able to help some with as well. As I am sure you can tell from the pics these projects are a couple years old, but we still enjoy them daily. 

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