Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Working Wednesday

I thought it might be fun to do a post every Wednesday about things I am currently "working" on. Typically this will be some sort of craft project, but it might also be something I am working on in my house, or some other creative thing I am doing.

This week I am doing all three...

Around the House:
Ashley and I are preparing to move so I am currently working on getting everything packed up and ready to go. This is easier said than done as I hate packing. We are also moving to a much smaller place so I need to get rid of lots of things and I am not even really sure where to start with that.

Crafty: I had taken a little break from knitting, but recently started working on it again. I am trying to get a scarf finished for Jay that I actually started way back when I was sick. I kind of pick it up off and on and work on it, but then get bored with it and work on something else. I have also been knitting some washcloths. This is a bit more fun for me because they are in bright and cheerful colors so it makes me happy just looking at them.

The ribbed scarf I am working on.

One of my cheerful washcloths.

What crafty things are you working on right now?

Creative Outlets: In addition to all of that I am working on a new podcast I will be hosting. It's just for fun and will give me an outlet to express some of my thoughts, opinions, and frustrations. I am recording my first episode this week with my friend John. It all makes me nervous, but I am optimistic that it will turn out great and turn into a wonderful thing for me.

I would love to see or hear about what you are working on right now. You can leave a comment, link me to your blog, etc.

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