Friday, July 27, 2012

Food.... eating

Over the winter I started losing a significant amount of weight. It started when I was sick and has continued since then. Total I have lost between 45-50 pounds. People keep asking me what my secret is or what I am doing, and I really don't know what to tell them. I am not dieting. I didn't really start a new workout routine. However, I have changed my lifestyle and the last few days I realized I have really changed how I eat. I do eat what I want, but eat small amounts frequently. For example my lunch today was a few turkey sticks and some cheese cubes. On occassion I still eat things like McDonalds but instead of a big meal I will get a Happy Meal, or a snack wrap and small fries. It fills me up. I am not left hungry, and also am not left craving something. On that same note I have decided it is not important to finish everything on my plate. If I am full I stop eatting. If I am out I can take it home and eat it later. There is no point in forcing myself to eat something if I am not really hungry.

I have also stopped snacking as much at night time. I use to always eat large amounts of snack foods in the evening. I will still on occassion have a snack, but it is a much smaller amount and it isn't every night. I don't know exactly what caused this change, but it is definitely working for me. I honestly believe part of it is my stress level is less, and I have other outlets, so I am not eatting because I am upset or stressed out.

I haven't started a new workout routine but I do enjoy going to the park with Ashley or going on walks. Of course it has been very very hot lately so I haven't been doing that nearly as much the last couple weeks. Prior to that though Ashley and I would go for a walk everynight after dinner. Even if we didn't go very far it was still better than nothing.

I have also noticed lately that what I have been hungry for has changed. This has always been somewhat of the situation int he summer. I would rather eat fresh fruits and veggies than a huge meal. I have also been loving Subway lately. They have a new Veggie Lovers Sandwich with avacodo and spinach on it and it is one of my favorite things to eat right now. I get it loaded up with veggies, pepper jack cheese, and then sweet onion sauce on it.

Ultimate Veggie with Avacodo and Spinach on Honey Oat... YUMMY!

So I guess what everyone says about losing weight is true... it does require a lifestyle change. However, it doesn't have to be painful and you might often look back and not even notice the small changes that add up to a big change overall. 

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