Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's the small things

Lately I have really been looking for some form of normal. I know my "normal" has been changed so many times over the last few months, and I need to establish a new normal, but that appears to be easier said than done. However tonight for the first time in a long time I felt like things were approaching normal, and I did have a carefree and fun night.

I stayed at work late tonight to catch up with one of my cowrkers. We just sat in her room and talked about everything going on with us, and were able to get some frustrations out and just enjoy having someone to talk to. This seems to be an important part of what has been missing in my life lately. It is important to have multiple people you can talk to in this way so you aren't always unloading on one person. These people are such a valuable asset and I fear when things get crazy sometimes people let these relationships slide without realizing how important it is. I am going to try to remember this for the future, and remember even when things are crazy I sometimes need to stop and take a minute for myself.

Also this evening my boyfriend and I met up with some friends down at First Fridays. We weren't able to stay for long, but honestly it was exactly what I needed tonight. I have many times gone down to First Fridays and it is always a good time. We were able to walk around some, see some exhibits, and just have a carefree time.

After that some of my friends came over and we recorded the "girls' night"episode for my podcast. It was awesome seeing the girls, especially because all three of them are people I don't get to see nearly enough. We all agreed we need to change that and hopefully will be spending more time together soon. The episode was fun and we were all able to just hang out for a while. It is interesting to me that these girls come from such different parts of my life, but we were all togethe rin a room tonight and they were all meeting for the first time, and honestly it felt like we were a group that could just get together and a have a good time anytime.

None of these things were major things at all but they were all so important, and when put together made for an awesome evening. I think often times the small things are overlooked, but maybe they are the pieces that hold our lives together and make our normal seem normal.

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