Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top Ten: Things I Learned While Watching The Bachelorette Last Night

There aren’t many things about me that scream girly. I hate shopping. You won’t find me standing in line to get manicures or pedicures. I rarely wear makeup and don’t spend hours on my hair.  In fact I am often told I’m more like one of the guys, except I have boobs (can you tell it’s guys who say that). However, today’s top ten list will reveal one of the things about me, that is definitely a girly thing. On Monday nights you can almost always find me watching The Bachelorette, and if I am not watching it, you can guarantee it is recording. I don’t know what it is about The Bachelor/ Bachelorette shows, but I have been drawn in from the beginning.  I know that very few couples make it out of the show intact, but very few couples in regular life make it out intact either.  I know the situation surrounding the show is completely unrealistic, and yet I still watch. I find myself caring for the people on the show, and invested in what happens to them.  So although it might be silly and my boyfriend teases me mercilessly about it, I will continue to watch the show, and I will enjoy it!

Des and the Final 3:

Without further ado I give you 10 things I learned while watching The Bachelorette last night.
 1. Lying in the sand kissing is a must on every season of The Bachelorette, and hot tubs seem to be a staple on every date!

2. Watching the show and following twitter at the same time definitely enhances the experience.  Many of the people from this season of the show, as well as many people from past seasons tweet along, and are definitely amusing to follow.

3. People always end up in the fantasy suite. They may say it’s just to talk or spend more time together, but none the less, they end up there. The fantasy suite has also shown that listening to people make-out is way grosser than one would think.

4. Poetry is enjoyable to write, possibly even to read, but listening to it every week on a show is BORING!

5. Guys hate the show because they are jealous of all the fancy dates and how easy the guys on the show have it. Okay so maybe they aren’t jealous, but it would totally make sense if that were the case.

6. Chris Harrison really makes the show. His interaction with everyone on the show is priceless.  He really should be The Bachelor himself one season. He could have J.P. come back and host. It would be fabulous.

7. It is totally normal to be unsure about marriage after dating someone for less than 2 months, especially if they are dating other people. However, if you express these feelings on a reality show you will gain lots of haters.

8. While guys being unsure about their feelings brings out haters, Des making out with multiple guys although claiming to know Brooks is the one, doesn’t even leave viewers batting an eye.

9. People are either really proud of Brooks for admitting his feelings, or hate him for waiting so long to let Des know. Very few people have commented on the fact that what Brooks did to Des is the same thing she is doing to the other two guys (Chris and Drew).  

10. Even as predictable as this show may be, people are always going to watch. There is just something about it that draws people in.

So now that you have heard about the television show that makes it onto my guilty pleasures list leave me a comment and let me know some of yours. After leaving a comment hop on over to Many Little Blessings and checkout some of the other blogs participating in Top Ten Tuesday! 

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  1. My cat and I are worried about you....very worried.

    This was fun!