Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday Meets Thursday Favorites

Today I am going to combine two themes, Throwback Thursday and Thursday Favorites. As I was sitting thinking about which one to do this week, and what topic to write about I came up with something that really fits in both categories. So for the first time I am going to combine them, and tell you about my Locks of Love experience.

People have always been surprised by how much hair I have. Stylists always comment on how thick it is, and many times I have been asked "Are you sure you want to cut it off?" Honestly, for many years the stylist would be way more concerned about cutting it than I was. I knew it was just hair, and it would grow back. Not only will it grow back, but it will grow back quickly.

I got engaged in May of 2005 and decided I would leave my hair long through the wedding in November. November, came and went and I still had long hair. That's when I decided that I wanted to grow it out for Locks of Love. I love helping other people, and this was an easy way to do so. My hair was already almost halfway down my back, and by the following October it was all the way to my waist. It was getting heavy, and hard to manage so I decided it was finally time to cut it.

Before pictures:

Jay's cousins Norry and Sam were spending a lot of time with us at the time, and they wanted to go with me when I got it cut. So I set an appointment and off we went. When I originally told the stylist what I wanted to do she panicked, but after much reassurance that I was indeed positive that I wanted to do this, she calmed down. Sammy on the other hand never calmed down. He panicked the entire time, and I finally had to make him go sit down because him covering his eyes and his mouth dropping open were making me nervous.

Bye-Bye Hair:

Sammy looks thrilled right?

People have continued to tell me how shocked they were I cut so much off, and multiple people have told me it is something they could never do. We got through it though. I cut off over 16 inches, and they sent it in to Locks of Love for me. It was definitely a positive experience for me, and one I am glad I did. I might even do it again some day, and I would encourage others to do it as well. It's such an easy thing to do and can really bring some light to other peoples lives.

After Pictures:

This is the next day. My hair was light enough again to go in piggy tails.
I have never regretted doing this, and I know I never will. My hair might not ever reach my waist again, and that's okay. This was definitely for a good cause and the kids it helped needed it way more than I did. For more information on this awesome organization check out

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  1. Oh girl, how wonderful of you! I've donated to "Locks" a couple of times (let me assure'll grow back!). It is a most wonderful thing to do, and so appreciated by families who need this special blessing! So glad I found your blog thru Thurs Fav's. New follower here :)

    LuAnne @ Winterpast Moments