Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Fridays

This morning, as I was perusing some of my favorite blogs I ran across the Five on Friday link up. After looking at a few of the different entries I decided it seems right up my alley. I am always trying to narrow down the random things I want to talk about to one or two topics, so this gives me the perfect chance to throw five random things at you. So without further ado here is my first Five on Fridays.

 Number 1: I want to start by saying I am so happy to be blogging again. With everything going on in my life I hadn't taken the time to sit down and do it. It was one of the things that wasn't a priority so it got pushed to the side. However, writing this week has been great, and is making me feel a bit more like my old self.  

Number 2: Ashley and I have been spending lots of time at the pool this week. My neurologist wants me going everyday while I am recovering from my car accident. We have been going at least once a day, and have been having a blast. She loves playing with the other kids, and is definitely getting more comfortable in the water.

Number 3: I am still riding the high from my mini getaway last week. It is another thing the neurologist suggested, and it definitely helped my mood. It's been hard having so many restrictions, but getting away for a couple days really helped. Larry and I had a great time and being able to just relax and laugh with each other definitely did both of us some good. In fact he came over last night and was already planning our next getaway. This time we will be taking the girls for a fun little "family" trip. 

Number 4: Have you ever cooked bacon in the over? Seriously if you haven't tried it you should. I am not suppose to stand over a stove right now, but I was making breakfast for dinner one night, so I looked up some alternatives. I found that it's super easy to cook in the over so we tried that. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Place the bacon on the foil, and put in the over on 400 degrees. Do not preheat the over. In about 15-20 minutes it is done, and crispy just the way we all like it. We have done this a couple different times this week and it's been wonderful. It is especially helpful if you have someone who won't eat it if there is anything they perceive as a burnt part. Seriously if you haven't tried cooking it this way you should! 

Number 5: Most importantly this week I want to mention Miss Ashley's birthday. She turned 5 last Sunday, and is very excited about it. She has been talking about being 5 for ages, and knows when she turns 5 she gets to go to school. However, she was a bit confused because she seemed to believe the minute she was 5 school was starting. We waited up until midnight like we always do, and when it was officially her birthday she wanted to know why she couldn't go to school yet. The next night after her party and making cupcakes for school we were sitting on my bed and she says "Mom now that I am 5 I think we need to have some girl talks before I go to bed." She proceeded to tell me about the kids at school especially the boys and why one was no longer her boyfriend because he was too crazy, and another one shouldn't be anyone's boyfriend because he hits people. It was one of those moments I definitely wish I would have been able to record. She was cracking me up!



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  1. So sorry you had a bad car accident, I hope you make a full recovery soon!!

    That is so funny about your 5 year year old, my daughter is 4 and a half and she is always cracking me up too. I will die when she starts talking about boyfriends though, hahah!