Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday Take 2

Early in the week I decided that my Five on Friday theme would be relate-able things seen on the internet. As soon as I decided on the theme I began collecting quotes and pictures that would make strong contributions to the blog. They could be things I found inspirational. Things that made me laugh, or just things I could relate to. I had no idea how many things I saved, but as I sat down to start writing I discovered I had saved 16 pictures.  That was narrowed down to 5 of my favorites, and the rest were saved for another day. I am a bit disappointed I won't be sharing them all with you today, but am thankful I saved each of them, as they have repeatedly put a smile on my face throughout the week. As far as you getting to see them I guess it's like they say "some things are worth the wait!" I hope you enjoy my five things. Leave me a comment and let me know what you stumbled across this week.


In January of 2012 I had a miscarriage. My daughter frequently refers to our angel baby as her baby brother, and prays about him continually. The baby's due date was July 28th. While our angel baby is never far from my mind, that is especially true around the baby's due date, and the day we lost him. I loved the baby from the moment I knew I was pregnant and that love will never fade.


I found this on pinterest this week and it reminds me so much of Ashley. Ashley is such a sweet and empathetic child. She wants the world to be a fair place, and frequently worries about the way others are treated. She is such a perceptive child, and is eager to create happiness wherever she goes. I love listening to her talk about heaven and have learned so much from her. I can definitely say she is more than just a daughter, she really is an angel.


I am blessed to not only have Ashley on my team, but to have Larry, and his daughter Stormie as well. When we are out and about it is common for the four of us to be holding hands, or at least holding hands in groups of two. When in groups of two it is not uncommon for the girls to yell "switch" as they change places, so everyone has turns holding everyone's hand. It also isn't uncommon for us to walk along as a group of four. I love these moments. I love our outings and all of our time together. I am blessed by the love between all of us, and I know as a team we are unstoppable.


I spend more time than I would like to admit trying to understand other people's actions. It is something that really bothers me, as I can't understand why people can do the things they do. After running across this earlier in the week it has made it easier for me to let that go. There are some things that I won't ever understand. People will do things I can't possibly comprehend, and people will act in ways I never would. I am never going to understand why that is or what makes them do these things, and I am slowly coming to grips with that. It is hard for me to believe that some people are just terrible people, but maybe it's the case. Either way I have to give up on trying to understand why they do things, and just understand that some of the things they do are simply terrible things.


Okay, enough with the serious stuff! This is something else I ran across on pinterest this week. As I discussed in an earlier post I have a fear of dead people not actually being dead. This is definitely along those lines. It has made me laugh over and over again.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these great quotes, I love #3! Nothing like knowing that we are not alone. I am your newest follower :)