Monday, March 11, 2013

Marching Band Memories

It’s that time of week again, time for another round of Monday Memories. This week we won’t jump as far back into the past, but will instead land in the high school years. 

During high school I participated in the school band, which during the fall meant marching band.  I don’t think “participate” effectively describes ones experience in marching band though, as it basically consumes your life for at least 3 months of the year. 

During the summer you go to marching band camp. You learn the new songs, learn the new drills, and sweat your ass off. If you are just in band you get to leave at noon, but if you are in drum line you will be there all day, and it’s a long day. For drum line not only do you come to practice with 
 earplugs, but also band aids as by the end your hands will be covered in blisters from the sticks. 

Summer band camp is just the beginning though. Once school starts you meet first hour every day. After school on Tuesdays you practice as a section until 4. On Thursdays you have practice from 6-9 (plus 3-5 while in drum line) where you practice certain part, run drills, and prepare the entire show.  Then you have Friday night games, Saturday competitions, and the list continues. 

From these experiences many things come. You form amazing friendships and bonds. You learn “If you’re on time you’re late” and that pushups are an acceptable punishment for mistakes. You work as a team, you grow as a group, and in the end you come out stronger. 

There were years we won every competition we competed in, and then there were years where we hardly won anything, but every year we accomplished great things. I look back on that time fondly.  It contains some of my happiest memories, and one of the things I miss the most. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone. It might consume your life, but the reward definitely outweighs the sacrifice. 

If you have not seen this video yet you are missing out. It is a MUST SEE! I saw it for the first time yesterday, and it helped inspire todays post. Enjoy!

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