Thursday, October 4, 2012

Terrific Tuesday on a Thursday

I know it is Thursday and you should be receiving a Top 10 List, but I am behind and I have a Terrific Tuesday post I didn't get to make so I wanted to make sure and get it out today.

I want to put a great big THANK YOU out to some of my friends who have really been there for me lately. I wish I could sit and write tons and tons about all of them, but instead you are going to get little snipits on a few. I am so blessed to have these amazing people in my life and I want them to know that their support doesn't go unnoticed.

I once again want to thank my cousins Kristina and Ciera for always being there for me when I need something. I can send them a text and they always write immediately back and offer their support. They talk things out with me, offer ideas and support. I know if I ever need anything they have my back.

I want to thank my friend Debra, who you will see writing on here from time to time. Debra and I became friends through another site many years ago. Her and I have often faced similar situations in our lives, and right now is no different. I know that when I post something she is going to "get it" and she will be right there to struggle through it with me.

I want to say thank you to my friend Alex. Alex and I haven't known each other very long, but he is always willing to step up and help me. He helped me move things to the aprtment. He helps me haul laundry back and forth to the laundry room. He helped take apart the bathroom light to figure out what was going on with it. He is willing to stop by when heknows I am having a rough day and bring me icecream or just be there so I have someone to talk to. He gets to hear me vent a lot and I know he just lets it roll off his back and he isn't ever going to hold any of it against me.

As always I want to thank my parents and family for being there for me and Ashley. I don't know how we would get through everything without you.

I want to thank some of my coworkers and friends/parents from work. They went out with us last Thursday to celebrate mom's last day and provided for an excellent evening. They are able to just go out and have a great time without focusing on all the nagtives from the day. One of them also talked to me after the golf tournament about removing negative people from my life. This is something I had struggled with, but knew I really needed to do. Talking to her definitely helped salidify that for me, and made me realize I needed to trust my gut and not look back.

I want to thank all of my wonderful friends who have been supporting my blog, or supporting my show. People who have been guest. People who have shared it with their friends, and people who just come read and leave comments. All of your support means so much to me.

There are obviously many more people in my life who mean so much to me, and provide many positive things. I appreciate and love all of you.

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