Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

I know I talk about my students frequently, but they are such a positive part of my life.

We pray every morning and they are so sweet. They pray for our mass buddies, people they know who are ill, and every time they also say "and anyone who needs our prayers." This morning we prayed for everyone who didn't feel well including myself. All day my students behaved perfectly. I got extra hugs and they were on their best behavior. I was helping a little girl in the doorway at one point and when I tuned to go back in they were all quiet and one little girl says "See how good we were Miss Duncan, we just want to make you feel better." :-)

Then this afternoon I was pulling pages out of one of their workbooks and accidentally ripped one and another little girl pats me on the arm and says "It's okay Miss Duncan, we all make mistakes, that happens to me ALL THE TIME."

I can't help but smile when a child gets walked up to my door and I am told "He just wants you. He asked me to walk him to you and said, I'll be fine as soon as I give Ms. Duncan a hug."

Knowing that I make a difference in these children's lives makes it all worthwhile. They make me strive to be a good person and a positive role model. It is important to me that every child knows that I care for them. I listen to them, and that they can always come to me... and come they do!

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