Sunday, November 3, 2013

Making Memories: Gnome/ Fairy Houses

A couple week's ago several posts started popping up across a variety of the parenting sites I visit. Gnome or Fairy houses seemed to be popping up in Overland Park, no one knew quite where they came from, but they were on a walking trail for everyone to enjoy. Originally people mentioned finding two and later finding three, but after our visit we believe there is even more. The girls might not be into gnomes, but they are very into fairies so I knew this was something we had to go check out.

So Sunday evening we headed out. The trail is located directly behind DeAnna Rose Farmstead so we parked there and then headed to the trail. We found the trail and headed to the right, it was only a few minutes before we came across the Firefly Forest sign. We were a bit confused because from what we had seen online we thought there were houses near the sign, but couldn't find any.

We decided to continue on the trail and soon came across the first two houses. They were adorable. Decorated both outside and inside, and with multiple messages of sharing kindness. People had left small notes and trinkets in both of the houses, and one was even complete with a pumpkin by the door. Both homes were completely decorated from crystals hanging from the ceiling to beds and nightstands. No detail was neglected, these homes were perfect. After thoroughly examining these two houses we continued on.

 We had walked for several minutes before discovering the third house. This house was built into a tree. A small red door opened to share the small details located inside. It like the others had many trinkets inside and looked the perfect place for a fairy to reside. It was complete with a flag, welcome message, lantern, and even a small plaque above the door. Someone had clearly put a lot of thought into this tiny home.

We walked a bit farther but since it was getting dark and we were unsure if there were more we turned around and headed back to the car. It wasn't until we got home and saw some more posts that we discovered we had missed two of the houses that we would have had to follow the path under the road in order to find.  We had been told there were 3 and we found three, but as near as I can tell from our experience and other's pictures, as of today there are at least 5 homes to discover. It is a very easy walk on a paved path and the houses are easy to spot. It was definitely an enjoyable outing and both Larry and I came home with the desire to create our own fairy houses and add it to the Firefly Forest. I hope others do this too and that it will continue to grow. I think not knowing where all of these are coming from adds to the magic and enchantment of it all. I hope we can return and see the other houses we missed and hopefully some new ones as well. This is a great little outing for families in the area, and in the spring when Deanna Rose is open again it would be a great add on to an afternoon trip.

According to the KMBC website, there are the two homes we missed.  (source: ) They look just as adorable as the three we did see.

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