Monday, September 30, 2013

List It Tuesday: My Favorite Things About Fall

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. There are so many fun and special things about the season, and I love them all. I love the weather. I love the activities. I love the sights and the smells. Basically it just boils down to I love fall. Although I love everything about it, I tried to pick a few of my favorite things and they are listed below!

1. Nice weather minus the allergies


I know some people have allergies in fall, and in fact I have some in fall myself, but it is nothing like the ones in the spring. I am deathly (literally) allergic to trees so I miss most of the beautiful weather in the spring, but in the fall I can have the windows open, go to parks, and enjoy the wonderful weather without winding up in the hospital.

2. Pumpkin patches


There are so many great pumpkin patches in the area, and I love visiting them with my family. Many of you who know me probably know that I would love to live on a farm, or a campground, or maybe even own a pumpkin patch with a petting zoo. Those all sound like dream jobs to me, and since that isn't the reality I live in I settle for spending many fall weekends hanging out at the pumpkin patch enjoying the weather and all the fun activities.

3. Pumpkin 


I not only love pumpkin patches, but I love pumpkin: pumpkin coffee, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin seeds... pretty much anything with pumpkin in it is right up my alley.

4. The smell


I love the smell of fall: the leaves, the pumpkins, the apples, the air, etc. I can't even accurately describe the smell of fall, but whatever it is, it smells wonderful.

5. Bonfires


You should know I couldn't leave this one out. I love sitting around a fire: talking, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, and visiting with friends. There are few places I would rather be than sitting around the fire.

6. Chili 


I guess you can make chili any time, but to me it is definitely a fall food. It also happens to be one of my favorites, and one of Ashley's favorites too. There is nothing quite like a bowl of chili and some cornbread on a chili fall day.

7. Football


I love watching football. I loved performing at all the games in high school, attending the games in college, and I love watching the games on TV. The Chiefs are my home team, and they are doing awesome this year. There are a few other teams and players I follow as well. I think Drew Brees is amazing and does so much for others so I always support his team as well.

8. Fall Festivals


There are so many fall festivals in our area. I think there is a two month period where there is some sort of festival every weekend. I really enjoy going to these, walking around and seeing all the crafts, watching dancers and musicians perform, and just enjoying a fun and laid back day.

9. Sweaters


I love sweaters, and I am always happy when it's finally cool enough to pull them back out. I love being able to look cute and comfy rolled into one. Additionally there is nothing quite like a guy in a nice sweater. Glad I finally have a guy who loves sweaters as much as I do.

10. The colors


A fall list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the gorgeous colors. I love watching the leaves change and all the beautiful colors that come out. Fall is the perfect time to go for long walks, or an afternoon drive. You really can't look at all the beauty around you and keep from smiling.

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  1. Ok, chili is on the menu for next week. For me it goes with Sourdough bread and the next day with nacho chips.

  2. I love fall, too! I'm looking forward to our first batch of chili! My family went apple picking today. We had such a fun time and now I'm ready to make some homemade apple pie!