Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday: Post 100

Well things have been a bit crazy lately so I have unfortunately missed out on blogging time. Decided now is as good of time as any to come back. This also happens to be my 100th post which is definitely exciting. When I started this blog I didn't really have any goals or destination in mind, but I love the path it has taken over the last few years. So without further ado here goes... Five on Friday.


I am loving the cooler weather. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. A couple weekends ago we headed out to the cider mill, with my mom, aunt, cousin, and grandma. I learned that day that Ashley really does not like strong smells, and we ended up spending the most time outside playing on the straw bales, we still had fun though. Now we are looking forward to hitting up some of the local pumpkin patches over the next month.


Ashley is still loving Kindergarten. They are reading little books now, and learning their sight words. She loves the Flip A Word books where all the words have the same ending, and you flip the pages to add different beginnings on them. We also have several books that have pictures instead of some of the words. Those are fun as well because she reads her sight words and the picture words, and I read the rest of it. Definitely something fun for us to do together.  She is definitely excited about learning to read, and I love seeing her excitement and dedication.


I have gotten to do some great interviews lately. I sat down with Christopher Rich (of Reba and Murphy Brown) to discuss his new sitcom Swallow Your Bliss.
I also had a great time chatting with Nashville recording artist Joe Bachman. If you haven't checked out his song A Soldiers Memoir please head on over to iTunes and download it. It is an amazing song for an important cause. Talking to these guys and seeing all the good they do has really touched me. There really are some great people out there, doing great things, and I am blessed to have gotten to know them. 



I am still struggling with some things as a result of my car wreck. I still get bad headaches, and dizziness, and my memory definitely isn't what it use to be. It gets really frustrating and overwhelming, and often leaves me with a feeling of wanting things to be normal again. Unfortunately that might not be in the cards for me. I am learning to adapt the best I can, and working hard to not give up hope. It is so hard to think that something that was completely out of my control could affect my life forever.



I recently finished the book The Kindness of Strangers I bought the book several years ago, but never read it and eventually donated it. Then I heard people talking about it again and checked it out from the library. It definitely wasn't what I expected. I was only a couple chapters in when I started questioning if I would be able to finish it. I always finish books so that reaction was a bit shocking to me. I did end up finishing it and I am glad I did. I don't give it as high of praise as everyone else did and I wish the ending was different and more complete, but it was a decent book and I would recommend reading it. I do think it should come with a warning that it has strong abuse triggers throughout it.

So there you have it my Five on Friday. I am hoping to be back here regularly blogging again. I appreciate all of you stopping by, and I encourage you to hit the subscribe button and come back any time.After you do that head on over to the 5 on Friday and check out some awesome blogs.


  1. Hi Katie:) You are my link up neighbour from FoF:) I love your list. we have having great fall weather, too:) Are you a radio personality? how are you able to do such awesome interviews? I Love Reba!! I love reading, too:) Have a great wknd!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I am subscribing to your blog! :-) I am not a radio personality per say, but I do something in an industry similar to that, which gives me these great opportunities.