Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's Monday Once Again

Although I keep promising myself that I will be blogging regularly again I just haven't had the time lately. Things have been a bit hectic, and yet still wonderful. I usually do Five on Friday, and although it isn't Friday today's blog will be done much the same way so I can cover all the random things happening in my life.



It has been wonderful to spend some time with my family lately. In addition to spending Thanksgiving with my immediate family, we went out of town this weekend to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. It was great catching up with everyone. I was blessed to have family around while I was growing up, and am so glad Ashley gets this same opportunity.



  Ashley cooking with Grandma and Uncle Nick.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is going to Christmas in the Sky the night before Thanksgiving. This year Ashley and I were joined by my mom, Larry, and Stormie. It was rather cold, and because of my head injury I can't be around so many flashing lights and people so this year we watched from the other side of the lake. It was still fun, and then we got to drive through all the lights. Ashley and I stayed at my parents that night and then the next day watched the parade together, and just enjoyed the day. We had dinner as a family, and just enjoyed being together.



Last week I joined the CMChat team. CMChat is a wonderful group which consists of an "online magazine", large social media aspect that links fans with artists, and so much more. It is a great chance for me to combine my love of writing with my love of country music. I will be doing a variety of tasks from them. It could be anything from interviewing artists, writing reviews, live tweeting events, writing articles etc. I am very excited about this opportunity and am so blessed to be working with these amazing people.  Click on the picture to check out the site!


I started knitting again a couple weeks ago. Since I lost the baby it has been hard for me to really get back into it because for some reason it always reminded me of babies. This time it has been great though. It has helped me relax and is something I can still do even when my head is bothering me (unlike reading). So far I have completed 5 Christmas presents and am working on my 6th. I have done a variety of things, but you will have to wait til after Christmas to actually see them ;-).




Today is the first day of Advent which brings along some more holiday traditions. Ashley and I have several books we read from throughout Advent, in addition to our Advent calendar and Advent wreath. It is something we look forward to every evening, and I love sharing this with her.







Since my accident it has been hard for me to get out with friends. However, in the last couple weeks I have made that a priority. I went out with Katy for her birthday and we had a blast. Katy is one of my former youth group students, and I also sponsored her through confirmation. Aside from all that she is a great friend. It had been entirely too long since we had seen each other, and we have vowed to get together way more frequently from now on. I have also made a better effort to meet up with other friends, and have joined some groups to meet up with people with similar interest (such as a crafting group).

Well, that's what has been going on with me. What's going on with all of you? Leave me a comment and let me know. Then click on the Mom's Mingle button above and head over to the blog hop and check out all the wonderful blogs. 

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